Project in progress
Collborated with: Andy Liao and Ivana Low


-Erase The Silhouette of Actions-

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Societal influence has become a dictation and causes human to under perform in their life. Each of us feel that we have our own individuality, however in a larger context we are being forced to conform to what the social "norm" is.

By removing the guidance of how we should behave in, whether in eating or cooking with the contained tools, we are uncontaining the enforced societal behavior that we have been molded to; enriching our lives with creativity and expansion. Our intention is to nudge people; to give awareness that other potentials exist and that following the instructions is but one way of using a tool. 

(Un)contained is a critical design tool that targets limited thinking in society. It expands on creative thinking and alters preconceptive thinking on kitchen ware. However, (Un)contained is a mere beginning to state the inflexible thinking that surrounds everybody. Uncontained features a set of abstracted kitchen ware; objects with vague familiarity (containing visual clues and hints) to be used in the cooking.

Jerez Challenger, Nikola Cvetkovic, Liam Gee, Dhia Istiqamah, Gillian O'Keefe and Robin Stethem